My son and I had and amazing trip on the Green River with Rendezvous Anglers and our guide Santos was terrific.. Santos is a skilled and tireless guide and a thoughtful, authentic person . Colby and team went out of their way to put together a trip for us with little planning help on our end and as someone who doesn't do reviews... this is an easy endorsement to make..
-Josh Mayer

What a fantastic fishing trip. Everything was top notch. From the initial booking and ongoing communication from the owners of the company, to the knowledgeable guide and time on the river. I definitely recommend these guys for a great trip.
-Thomas Peacock


We booked Rendezvous based on word of mouth recommendation. As novice fly anglers, we needed education and technical support. Our guides were extremely proficient at both. Additionally, they were friendly and fun guys to spend the day with. Our wives had all the attention they needed and both want to take up more serious fly fishing! All had a wonderful day and look forward to doing it again soon.
-Tim Pannell

Aloha, We are a family of four, and all my son wanted to do for his 15th birthday was fishing! Colby owner/operator of Rendezvous Anglers made it happen. The night before he spent an hour with us teaching us how to cast and reel in as it was our first time fly fishing. Colby is an amazing instructor, very kind, knowledgeable and had us casting in no time. We met Colby at the time and place agreed the next morning and we spent 8 hours on the river catch (and release) all sorts of fish! It was an amazing day, he had sack lunches prepared for us and always putting us in fish biting spot. This fishing expedition is absolutely a must! Clean new boats, beautiful gear and one of the best fisherman you could go with. Mahalo Colby for such an amazing day!
Michelle Simms


Colby and his crew were fantastic for our group of six. Both the experienced fly fishermen and the complete novices caught plenty of fish of all sizes. Our ages ranged from 82 to 13 and all had a great time. I highly recommend Rendezvous for any group!!!
-Dan Kelly

What a great day with Rendezvous. Kalin was a great guide and it was a beautiful day on the River. Communication and interactions etc were great and all went smoothly. Enjoyed it greatly.
-Chuck Harrelson

My wife and I had the best time ever! Browns, rainbows and whitefish, Colby knows how to catch them all. Lunch was provided, great touch to take a break from landing fish. Drift boat was top class and water was as pure as it gets. I would highly recommend Colby with Rendezvous Anglers to anyone interested in catching fish! We had a blast and I'm sure you will too... my wife and I are still talking about how awesome our trip was! We can't wait to book our next one! Thanks again Rendezvous Anglers!
-Henry Sorenson


My brother in law and I went to the Green River with Santos. He did a phenomenal job. I am novice fly fisherman and my brother in law never fly fished. We caught about 12 fish between the 2 for half day. Great experience and would highly recommend.


I have never been fishing before in my life. A friend told me about Colby and Rendezvous Anglers so we set up a day to go down the New Fork on my first fishing trip ever. I was a bit nervous but Colby was an awesome teacher. He showed me how to cast and how to know if a fish is on the line, the works; he was patient and just an all around great teacher. We had an absolute blast out on the river and I will absolutely be going with Colby again when we get a chance! If you want a fishing guide, don’t look anywhere else but here.
-Matthew Wall

Santos was very knowledgeable, and also patient with us. Terrific young man
-The Nannariello's`


We had a great time fishing with these guys. They worked really hard to help us catch fish. I took my daughter for her first fly fishing trip and she loved it. Colby and his guys are very knowledgeable and very patient.
-Doug Kennedy

I knew zero about fishing, they were super patient with me, gave me great lessons. We had an absolute blast. Will definitely do this again.
-Josh Perry

Colby is the absolute best!!  I have been on several trips with him, on several rivers, and he has never let me down. He has become my go to guide in the Jackson area. He is great with beginners and kids, and has the patience of Job. He is very accommodating, and will cater the trip to your needs and wishes. No one will work harder on the river to put you on fish than Colby......period. If you want to have a great day on the river, rip some lip, and catch quality fish, then call Colby. I promise you wont be disappointed!!
- Josh B, Nashville, TN 

 "I have an insatiable fervor as an avid angler, yet I was beginning to think I had exhausted the methods by which to explore America’s rich fisheries, that is until I met Colby Spencer of Rendezvous Anglers in Pinedale, Wyoming. I was soon to discover that I couldn’t have been more wrong! One chilly yet impeccable May morning well before the sun broke over the Wind River Mountains, Colby Spencer picked me up for a day trip near Jackson, Wyoming. Until now, I had exclusively wade fished many of these rivers. However, today I was set to venture into the realm of fishing for trout from the platform of a drift boat. I was thrilled at the prospect of this outing and my expectations for this trip were soon to be exceeded. Hot coffee in hand, my day was only just beginning at 6 am that brisk morning. Clearly, though, Colby’s work had begun the night before and would continue throughout the day. His boat was outfitted with everything that I could conceivably need. I brought my own gear, but I could have done perfectly well without it. We talked about what to anticipate on the water, the fish we should expect to find, potential wildlife sightings, safety measures and more. I was stoked and Colby’s passionate zeal for his craft was unambiguous and extremely contagious! I was promptly confronted with the compelling reality that Rendezvous Anglers was not your average fishing guide service. They are far more than that. Colby is your personal ambassador to a variety of trout waters in Western Wyoming from the time you meet in the morning until you part ways in the afternoon. These are some of the finest trout habitats in the United States and you’ll only encounter exceptional fish with an exceptional guide. Rendezvous Anglers is precisely that, exceptional. His extensive knowledge and expertise of floating these rivers in Western Wyoming is largely unmatched. Additionally, you will likely meet as strangers in the morning, but you will inevitably conclude a terrific day as friends! If I had only one word to describe my outing on with Rendezvous Anglers as my guide, it must only be “Tremendous”! Colby adeptly guided me through fast water, slow water, nervous water, back eddies, still water, boulder fields and inflowing tributaries. I caught fish in nearly every hold he positioned me on. If I told you I boated 20 trout you probably wouldn’t believe me. That’s good, because it was closer to forty. I lost count at twenty! No exaggeration. You can be armed with top of the line rods, reels, lines, leaders, tippets, flies etc., but if your not on the fish it’s all entirely pointless. You can rest assured that Rendezvous Anglers will put you on the fish. If you are new to the sport or just curious about fishing, there is absolutely no need to be intimidated because you are in the best of care. Colby is an incredibly gifted instructor. If you are fly casting for the first time, for example, he will walk you through a very effective and simple technique which will get you out on the water and connecting with the fish you came for. Likewise, he will coach you throughout the day in a way that is fun and productive. Be forewarned that these fish are aggressive and quite strong, some will even explode from the river with amazing aerial acrobatics!! As for those who are seasoned anglers, you can rely upon being right in the sweet spot at every single bend and boulder on the river. His ability to accurately position his boat for that perfect cast is flawless. Rendezvous Anglers has the ability to transform an ordinary fishing trip into an extraordinary adventure! As I said before, Colby’s passion for his craft is delightfully contagious, so come prepared for a dynamic day battling the notorious Browns,

Rainbows or Cutthroats of Western Wyoming. I strongly recommend Rendezvous Anglers for an unforgettable day. Remember, the only bad cast you make is the one you don’t take!”

 -Mark Frey, Cora, Wyoming


We just finished another trip to Wyoming to go fly fishing with Colby Spencer. This is our third trip fishing with Colby -he is by far the best guide that we have ever had! He’s great at teaching the art of fly fishing in a patient and simple way. We have never had a guide that makes fishing more fun. He’s as excited as you are when you catch a fish. He knows which river is currently holding the best fish and tries to avoid the highly pressured areas. He is constantly working to put you close to where the fish are biting. When a fly gets hung on a limb or a line is tangled he is quick to say “easy fix” and gets you right back to fishing. We typically catch so many fish with Colby we lose count. His enthusiasm is contagious and we guarantee it will be one of the best fly fishing trips of your life!
-Gilbert Parker

Santos is an outstanding guide! Very experienced yet very patient. Santos guided two neophyte fly fisherman superbly….and yes we caught Cuttroat and Brown Trout on the Salt River. I highly recommend signing up and having a terrific day with Rendezvous Anglers.
-Debar Klaben

Great Trip! Hard working very pleasant Guide. Lots of good conversation. Will definitely go with this service again. Oh and the fishing on the salt was pretty good some great dry fly action.
-Anthony Rizzo

Great experience with Rendezvous Anglers! Colby and his team of guides were very professional, but also energetic and fun. The guides were very attentive and patient with our family, especially with our four children. We highly recommend Rendezvous!
-David Mann

We had a fantastic experience on our fishing trip with Rendezvous Anglers. We received excellent instruction on how to fly fish, and we really felt we got a hang of it really quickly. We caught lots of fish! The guides have a true passion for what they do, are highly skilled and knowledgeable. In addition, we learned lots about the environment around us while we were floating down the river. This is a top notch company and we hope to come back again in the near future.
-Kirk & Anna Henry

Some friends and myself signed up for a 2 hour educational course on fly fishing with Colby at Rendezvous Anglers. We were so impressed with his knowledge about fly fishing and how he explained it to us as newbies to the sport. We were able to put our new knowledge to the test at the end of our class. All three of us had such a great afternoon. We will definitely be back to do a day of fishing on the river with his company.
-Dawn Mix

Perfect day! The scenery was gorgeous and we caught lots of fish. This was my first time fly fishing and Kalin had me pulling in fish right away! He was so patient with us and gave us great advice and tips. He was also a really nice guy and made us super comfortable all day. My husband wanted me to do this with him and I wasn't real excited about it, but it ended up being my favorite thing in Jackson Hole. It was absolutely a perfect day!
-Jill Clough

We had a great time fishing with Colby of Rendezvous Anglers. He was knowledgeable and very friendly and patient. A great introduction for many in our group to fly fishing. Thanks Colby. We are looking forward to our next trip with Rendezvous Anglers.
-Stephen Oblad

They have great instructions and we had a great time.
-John Oblad

We had a great time and learned a lot. The guides were knowledgeable and were patient teachers. They took care of all the planning, provided everything you need, and handled all the issues that prevent you from keeping a fly on the water. I was able to focus on improving my technique and enjoying being out on the water. I would definitely use them again.
-Paul Oblad

Had two awesome days fishing with Colby and Kalin on the Salt. I am a rod & reel guy but after 10 minutes Kalin had me dialed in with the fly rod.
-Carlos Villa

We had a nice half-day fly fishing trip with Colby on Green River. It was a lot of fun. Even as absolute beginners, we were able to pull some fish right off the bat, and continue to get more throughout the trip!
-Wei Wei

Colby was a great guide: Patient, knowledgeable and fun to fish with. His wife makes a great lunch as well. Oh, the cookies made by his daughter were amazing! Highly recommend this outfit.

Kalin was THE BEST guide! My wife and I had a blast and will be back!
-Brain Jaasko

“I just got back from a day on the river with Colby Spencer of Rendezvous Anglers out of Pinedale, Wyoming.  Colby had managed to find the perfect river to float when many guides would have stayed at home because of drought related low water.  He was willing to take the time to drive a hundred miles so I could get in a day on the water.  The fishing was good, Colby knew the river intimately and made it easy for me to pick the right spots to meet the fish.  His positive attitude was infectious.  His constant encouragement and compliments were a bonus to an already great day.  I would fish with this guy any time I get a chance and hope to again next season in Wyoming.  Anyone looking for a great fishing experience in the Jackson, Teton, Pinedale area would do themselves a favor by contacting Coly and his team.”
-Dale H. Santa Fe NM