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Green River Fishing Guides

Here you are, searching the web for that perfect trout fishing destination. You know, that singular excursion which matches the picture in your imagination, similar to the master negative of a prized photograph. The wisp of the fly line cutting through the cool morning air. A dry fly softly touching down on the edge of a foam line in a subtle bend of the river. A textbook cast with snow capped mountains forming the backdrop across vast expanses of prairie and ranch lands. Sunlight shimmering on the blades of prairie grass and a light mist rising from the water in the cool of the day. In an eye blink, the fly is slurped from the surface. A powerful Brown explodes from the depths of the Mighty Green River! The rod doubling over as the drag begins to sing the song heard only in your mind... until now. The Mighty Green yields yet another of its splendid wild trout. What is it about the Green River in Western Wyoming which earns it the prestigious title of a Blue Ribbon fishery? What is its significance? Where does it come from and where does its meandering go? Let’s take a journey along one of Wyoming’s longest and critically important aquifers.


The up thrust of the Pacific Tectonic Plate grinding into the North American Plate resulted in the formation of the Rocky Mountains, and specifically the Wind River Range in Western Wyoming. Deep in the northern reaches of the Wind River Range rising to 13,804 feet above the Pacific Ocean lies Wyoming’s highest mountain, Gannet Peak. The west face of Gannet Peak is home to a year round glacier named Minor Glacier, one of the many glaciers of the Winds. Here upon this massive granite monolith obscured by the pronounced western front of the spectacular Wind River Range is the birthplace of Wyoming’s Green River. As the days of springtime lengthen toward the coming summer solstice, the snowpack of the Winds continues its forward movement in the endless cycle of hydrology. One flake, one crystalline molecule of water-ice at a time, inch by inch and layer by layer of winter’s snowy deposit begins to return to liquid form. Drop by drop the glacier gives up its captive, life giving water and begins its long journey toward the Colorado River. It travels downward through countless babbling streams, rugged scree fields, high alpine lakes and pools until it all condenses at the bottom of a glacial valley adjacent to a 3,500 foot solid block of granite called Square Top and forms the Green River Lakes at the foot of the Wind River Range.


It is at the outflow of Green River Lakes where the Green River Aquifer commences. It pushes westward and then south through a maze of private ranch lands and public lands forming the prodigious 4,000 square mile expanse of the Green River Basin!  What began in the high country as merely a drop of water has now corporately swelled into one of Wyoming’s largest rivers. It winds its way through sage brush steppe, high desert country and around elevated mesas toward the border of Utah and the Flaming Gorge Reservoir. It then departs the Gorge rambling its way south until it converges with the Colorado River southwest of Moab, Utah.


The Green River Basin provides forage for over 100,000 ungulates. Deer, elk, moose and antelope use the river as a migration route. The Pronghorn Antelope herd is 59,000 strong and traverses the one hundred seventy mile journey from winter range to summer range before crossing the Gros Ventre Mountain Range into the Jackson Hole Valley where they birth their young. It is the largest herd of Pronghorn Antelope on earth. It is also the longest land animal migration route in the entire Western Hemisphere! The Green River Basin is also the breeding grounds and migration route for many amazing birds, including birds of prey, colorful songbirds and waterfowl alike. If you’re lucky, you might just catch a glimpse of Trumpeter Swans flying high overhead, or hear the unique cackling call of the Sandhill Crane. A soaring eagle is never uncommon, as are the many species of ducks one rarely gains the opportunity to gaze upon. Lastly, yet hardly least, the ice cold, oxygen rich waters of the Green River provides tremendous habitat to over 700 trout per mile of river!! The various trout species are healthy, stunningly beautiful and powerful. The Green provides an extraordinary environment for these fish too far exceed the norm.


So, after you’ve hooked up with some of the hardiest trout while enjoying a drift on the crystal clear water of the Mighty Green, you will have discovered that there is much, much more to take home with you than you initially thought. You just spent a phenomenal day in the midst of one of North America’s natural wonders. It is no small matter to embrace the gift of visiting among elk, moose, deer and countless other native creatures with whom we share this great land; to remove yourself from the busyness of this often hectic life to breathe in the rejuvenating breeze of Wyoming’s wild country.

There is something special, something which invades the core of the human spirit along the Green River and its banks. It defies a description of words and escapes the approach of reason. The heart is touched and the soul is captivated within the beauty of its sanctuary. The only way you will ever know of such an encounter is to step out of wherever you are and seize the opportunity to experience it for yourself. The Green River serves up the preeminence of Nature’s bounty and Rendezvous Anglers is your personal ambassador into her grandeur!!   

We are not your average fishing guide service, our passion is what sets us apart.

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