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Upper Green River Basin
Square Top Mountian, Green River


Come and immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery of Pinedale, Wyoming. On your scenic tour you and three guests will be able to experience the stunning Wind River Range, Wyoming Range, and Gros Venture Mountain Range. Your private guide will navigate through the forest in our UTV giving you the best opportunity to see Wyoming's wildlife and stunning landscape. Have your camera ready as the sun sinks into the western sky at days end, because the panoramic view of the ranges is often nothing short of breathtaking. Give us a call today to book your private scenic tour through the Wyoming Mountains.

Price of the tour is for 1-4 passengers, lunch is included for full day tours. 

  • Full Day (5-6 Hours):$775

  • Half Day (4 Hours): $675

  • Sunrise/Sunset (2 Hour): $475

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Green River Lakes
Pinedale Moose
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Pinedale Wy Moose

Private Scenic 
Float Trips

 Imagine water so clear it looks like it came out of the faucet at home. As you're floating down the river several mallards fly directly overhead, you can hear the flapping of their wings and see their magnificent colored feathers. Looking out into the distance the Wind River Mountain Range towers the valley of Pinedale, Wyoming. You come around a bend of the river, and standing in front of you is a mother moose and her newborn calf. The calf playfully runs around its mother as she watches you pass by. Not long after something catches your attention in the top of an enormous cottonwood tree, perched on the branch is a Bald Eagle. The Eagle lets out a call that echoes through the river bottom, all is silent but then you hear his mate answer back. Join Rendezvous Anglers and witness nature's beauty in person on your private scenic float trip. Kick your feet up, sit back, and we'll take care of the rest.

Price is for 2 guests, lunch/dinner is included.

  •  4-5 Hour Float : $550

Scenic Trips

Custom Upgrades

Make the Trip one to Remember

Charcuterie Board:

    Mini: $105

    Large: $185

Hot Chocolate: $25

Coffee: $25

Charcuterie Board Wyoming
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Green River Lakes

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