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Snake River Fishing Guides


You do not want to miss this! You are immersed beneath the awesome majesty of the Grand Tetons. Deer and elk peacefully forage amidst the willows of the riverbank. Eagles, Osprey and numerous waterfowl seek nourishment from the rich ecosystem of the Snake River. The wisp of your fly line descends along the eddies as the rambling current of the Snake River carries you in its embrace. Suddenly, an explosive strike rips your line tight and the golden flash of the Snake River Cutthroat doubles down on your rod. Fish on!! Soon, you are cradling the shimmering golden flanks of the trout crowned with black pepper-like spots and the signature red slashes along her throat. Time ceases to exist as the silky cool skin of this remarkable creature slips from your hands and vanishes back into the pristine waters of the Snake. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned angler, this adventure is a must do!!


We are not your average fishing guide service, our passion is what sets us apart.

Book with us for a top-notch experience. 307-360-3939

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